36 Rubin Drive Thunder Bay, Ontario P0T2G0

Winter Snow Removal and Sanding

We are expanding our services and looking to obtain more contracts for winter snow and sanding services. We are reliable and work with our customers to exceed there expectations.

  • full service snow plowing (yearly or per occurrence pricing available)
  • sanding/salting
  • snow removal

We have the team and the tools to get your job done. From preparing land for a build to transporting heavy equipment, AECC is ready to contribute to the success of your venture.

Civil Construction

AECC has completed a diverse portfolio of civil construction projects. We work closely with everyone involved to ensure costs are under control, timelines are adhered to, and communication is at the forefront.

  • Equipment services: excavator, skidsteers, bulldozers, grader, compaction equipment
  • Landscaping and lot development
  • Driveway and recycled asphalt resurfacing
  • Demolition
  • Weeping tile
  • Ponds excavation and irrigation
  • Large-scale drainage solutions
  • Snow plowing/removal
  • Winter control
  • Aggregate supply and specialty material
  • Tri-axle dump truck rental
  • Flat deck towing/floating
  • Equipment floating
  • Roadside mowing
  • Septic/systems fields
  • Roadside mowing services

Waterfront Erosion Protection Project

Waterfront Erosion Protection Project

In 2017, AECC was hired to take on the Thunder Bay Waterfront erosion protection project. The construction team at the waterfront was losing quite a bit of land due to the shoreline, so AECC supplied and placed blast rock for erosion control, and turbidity curtains for environmental protection. Placing rock on the embankment ensured the water would not be able to pull any more soil, and the turbidity curtain prevented sediment from the worksite to enter the ecosystem. These measures were especially important given the large-scale development underway.

Forestry Operations

AECC completes forestry and pre-construction operations with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. We understand that proper clearing is the first step toward a project’s excellence and that quality maintenance is required to uphold safety standards.

  • Land clearing
  • brush mulching/mowing
  • Right of way/highway maintenance
  • fire breaks, tracks and access roads
  • invasive species removal
  • site preparation
  • dense brush and undergrowth
  • stump removal
  • logging scrap and slash piles
  • brush and yard waste piles
  • full tree grinding
  • feller buncher rental
  • grapple skidder rental
  • roadside mowing

Armstrong Airport

Armstrong Airport

The Armstrong Airport reached out to AECC to clear 90 acres of land around the airport for visibility purposes. Despite the unfavourable terrain, our team was able to successfully clear the land while maintaining property lines and prioritizing environmental awareness and operator safety.

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