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In the serene landscapes of Northwestern Ontario, forests represent not only beauty but an ecosystem brimming with life. At Allen Contracting, we harmoniously fuse nature’s design with human ingenuity. Our forestry operations are guided by a keen understanding of the land’s heartbeat. From complete land clearing services to brush mulching, our handiwork respects both nature and necessity, delivering an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, as well as community safety.

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With the vastness of Northwestern Ontario’s forests, every forestry and land clearing task demands precision, expertise, and respect for nature. Allen Contracting stands as leaders in this realm, having successfully undertaken numerous projects ranging from highway maintenance to invasive species removal. Every job we embark on is a commitment — to quality, to safety, and to the environment. Backed by years of experience and the continuous pursuit of innovation, Allen Contracting ensures the highest standards in forestry services, every single time.

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